Brain Injuries

The Law Offices of Kevin M. Siegel has an extensive background of dealing with brain injury cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When an outside force causes damage to the brain, it results in a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries place people in one of the most life threatening situations there is. Each year in the United States, 1.4 million people sustain a brain injury of some kind, resulting in 50,000 deaths each year. Toddlers and adolescents are among the most at risk for sustaining a brain injury. Toddler’s bodies have not been fully developed, and any damage done may become permanent. Adolescents are active and constantly moving, creating more opportunities for injury.

Acquired brain injuries are the result of a change in neural activity, causing anywhere from mild to severe impairments in these main areas: cognition, speech, memory, attention, psychosocial behavior, reasoning, physical functions, and information processing. Some of the most common triggers for acquired brain injuries include:

Airway obstruction
Trauma to the neck or head
Toxic exposure
Electrical shock/lightning strike
Heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, intracranial surgery, arteriovenous malformation

We have relationships with highly regarded and well qualified experts who are used to assist in the prosecution of your case. The Law Offices of Kevin M. Siegel has represented victims of traumatic and acquired brain injuries and understands the intricacies in prosecuting these cases in order to maximize your award.

Having a competent attorney on your side to help you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming issues that arise after a brain injury occurs is vitally important. An attorney will serve as your advocate and can assist you in getting medical expenses paid by the proper party, helping you with insurance issues and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit to compensate you for your losses due to an accident.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a traumatic or acquired brain injury or would like their questions answered, contact an attorney from the Law Offices of Kevin M. Siegel today for a free case evaluation.