Architecture/Engineering Negligence

Dealing with the consequences of architecture and engineering negligence can prove to be an overwhelming task. He has an experience in Pennsylvania and New Jersey dealing with these types of professional malpractice cases.

Architects and engineers, like all other professionals, are expected and required to adhere to the accepted standards of care when performing duties that are fundamental to their work. There is a wide range of cases in which architects and engineers may deviate from accepted standards of care:

Failure to properly supervise projects
Use of faulty surveys
Breach of contractual duty
Use of inadequate/faulty building materials
Negligence related to inspections
Violations of state building codes
Faulty or poor design leading to water damage
Failure to properly review drawing

Having a competent attorney on your side to help you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming issues that arise after an architecture/engineering negligence incident has occurred is vitally important. An attorney will serve as your advocate and can help you with insurance issues and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit against the responsible party to compensate you for losses related to the incident.

If you or someone you know believes they have suffered harm at the hands of an architect or engineer’s negligence or simply has questions which need to be answered, contact an attorney from the Law Offices of Kevin M. Siegel. The initial consult is at no charge to you.