Update on Androgel and Testosterone Treatment Lawsuits.

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Law Offices of Kevin M. Siegel

Dedication. Experience. Commitment.

Kevin practice also includes business/commercial litigation and represents small businesses and individuals who are involved either as plaintiffs or defendants in disputes. Kevin refines his approach to providing top notch legal services with a cost effective approach. Kevin's cases include representing both homeowners and contractors in disputes, will contests, collection matters, and many other areas in the challenging arena of this type of litigation.

After working at that firm for many years Kevin quickly ascended the ranks and was elected a "partner" in the firm -the youngest partner ever in the firm's history! Kevin was highly regarded at the firm and his departure was a difficult decision for all.

Kevin M. Siegel

In July, 2008, Kevin fulfills his life-long desire to be his own boss and leaves the law firm where he had worked for 11 years. Kevin opens his own law practice and establishes offices in Marlton, New Jersey and 2 offices in Philadelphia (Center City and Northeast). Within weeks of making the move, Kevin tries a case to verdict against J.C. Penney and receives a great deal of press coverage. The case was a hard fought battle that typifies many of Kevin's cases and took on a "David v. Goliath" theme. As is usual, Kevin refused to be bullied by a large corporation and their big firm lawyers and wins the case. Read Full Bio